FASS Tech 101 (Leaking Fitting)


The FASS tech department receives calls everyday with questions that range from how can I produce more horsepower to what is the best location to install my new FASS fuel pump.  Below is a FASS Fuel Systems video from the FASSFuelSystems YouTube channel addressing a common question on fittings and how to prevent leakage.

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Titanium Series How A FASS Works

Watch this short but great visual representation of how a FASS Titanium Series diesel fuel pump helps you by eliminating not only water and debris from you fuel but also air, the number one contaminant found in fuel and one of the leading reasons behind injector failures. A Titanium Series diesel fuel pump can be benifical for all diesel [...]

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How A FASS Can Help Your Duramax Diesel

What benefits can you get by adding a FASS Titanium Series diesel fuel pump to your GM Duramax diesel pickup? Well, we get this question all the time and the truth is Duramax engines benefit the most from the addition of an aftermarket diesel pump; more than both Cummins and Powerstroke owners.  Some benefits include, improved life of the injection [...]

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FASS Tech 101 (Sumps Vs Suction Tubes)

We often get asked "what is the difference between a Suction Tube Kit and a Sump Kit and what is the benefits of using both in one package.  Well we are here to address this question and give you a visual representation with another great video from the FASSFuelSystems Youtube channel. A suction tube kit [...]

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What Is A FASS Fuel System

What is a FASS Fuel Systems?This is a question that I have received many times during my years of selling diesel performance parts.To begin answering this question its easiest to explain that FASS stands for Fuel Air Separation Systems and it replaces your factory diesel lift pump.A lift pump is responsible for pulling your diesel fuel from the fuel [...]

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