FASS Tech 101 (Sumps Vs Suction Tubes)


We often get asked "what is the difference between a Suction Tube Kit and a Sump Kit and what is the benefits of using both in one package.  Well we are here to address this question and give you a visual representation with another great video from the FASSFuelSystems Youtube channel.

A suction tube kit works great when you want to eliminate the dreaded quarter fuel tank issue, in fact all of these products will eliminate quarter tank fuel issues when installed correctly.  A suction tube kit increase the diameter of the tube used to pull fuel from your tank; perfect for larger and more power pumps like the Titanium Series pump and insures that your FASS System has the ability to receive and deliver fuel in high volumes.  The suction tube kit also include the FASS bulk head fitting that also serves as a return port so their is no need to cut the fuel neck tube to insert a return there making the installation cleaner and easier.

A sump kit goes one step further and lowers the point of fuel suction and by doing so eliminate the possibility of air pockets forming around the suction site during low fuel conditions; maximizing fuel suction.  The only draw back to this is that lines used for pulling the fuel are found on the outside of the fuel tank and can result in snags during real world use; which leads us to the third option.

A combination of the two products a Sump and Suction Tube Package.  Designed with a sump to lower the fuel suction point and a suction tube kit to keep all lines inside the fuel tank to prevent snags and possible fuel leaks.

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