How A FASS Can Help Your Duramax Diesel


What benefits can you get by adding a FASS Titanium Series diesel fuel pump to your GM Duramax diesel pickup? Well, we get this question all the time and the truth is Duramax engines benefit the most from the addition of an aftermarket diesel pump; more than both Cummins and Powerstroke owners.  Some benefits include, improved life of the injection system, improved horsepower and torque, fuel mileage increase and easier starts during the cold winter months.  All this is possible not only because FASS has designed the most advanced fuel and air filtration system on the market today.  But also, because Duramax pickups do not include a factory lift pump and as a result your diesel engine must rely on its factory CP3 injection pump to pull fuel to the motor; a task it was simply never designed to perform.  

By installing the larger and more powerful Titanium series diesel fuel pump you can decrease the stress on your CP3 pump and let it do what it does best, push the fuel into your injectors.  The Titanium series pump is simple to install and uses the factory lines so even the most novice mechanic can do the installation.  Manufactured with a powerful motor, the FASS System can deliver fuel rates of 95, 150 and 220 gallons per hour, more fuel then the average driver will ever need. But don’t worry all extra fuel is returned to the tank; this allows the fuel to be ran through the filters over and over again, giving you the cleanest fuel possible. The dual filtration system removes not only debris, but also water and air; which is the leading cause of failure for Bosch injectors.  During the winter months the larger motor helps move fuel to the engine with continuous pressure and features optional heater ports to prevent gelling. This makes winter starts easier on your engine, also increasing the life of your injection system.  

If you are looking for a more cost effective method of adding an aftermarket diesel lift pump to your Duramax Silverado or Sierra pickup you can also choose a Flow Enhancer which delivers improved fuel delivery; but does not include the filtration system or heater ports.  This still relies on your factory fuel filter but still decreases the workload of the CP3 pump and can offer the driver some of the same benefits you experience with the larger, Titanium Series systems.  Keep in mind however, the Flow Enhancers are only intended for the use with a stock or factory tuned Duramax diesel engine.