Warranty Policies

All products are backed by FASS Fuel Systems exclusive product warranty. Warranties are for the original purchaser only and cannot be transferred to any future owner of a truck or FASS product. Read below for information on FASS Fuel Systems warranty outlines. All warranty work is handled by FASS Fuel Systems.

Warranty Criteria Qualifications:

  • Pump must be registered with a purchase receipt within 30 days of purchase.
  • Registration must be complete.
  • Must be original owner on original vehicle, as verified by matching of the last six digits of vehicle VIN number corresponding with FASS Fuel Systems registration serial number.

If pump qualifies for Warranty and customer has a claim:

  • NOTE: To qualify for the Extended Warranty, FASS must have received a copy of your receipt (un-tampered with or fabricated in any way) verifying purchase through an Authorized or ViP Dealer within 30 days of purchase. Both the product registration and receipt must be approved. We have the right to deny any warranty believed to be false, altered or purchased through an unauthorized/terminated dealer.
  • If product registration and receipt is not received within 30 days of end user purchase date there is a 1 YEAR manufacture warranty from manufactures date.
  • If warranty work is needed, please call FASS with your serial number of your pump to verify if registration was completed properly. If your pump is under warranty, you will be issued an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) number and have the pump sent in to be Repaired and Returned (R & R) Any FASS product damaged due to poor installation (example DDRP being hit by moving suspension components) would not be covered under warranty.
  • FASS is not responsible for labor cost, tow bills or damage that may have been caused by a suspected failed FASS product and/or improper installation.
  • It is the customers responsibility to ship any warranty claims to FASS at their expense. FASS will cover all UPS ground charges (within the continental united states) to ship back to customer. Any expedited shipping charges will not be covered by FASS and is the customer’s responsibility
  • NOTE: If repairs are sent in without an RMA number, an additional charge of $25.00 will accompany the pump, even if pump is under warranty.
  • If any unit should come in and test within spec regardless of warranty or no warranty the customer will be charged $25-$35 bench fee.

FASS warranty does not cover:

  • FASS does not cover wear on fuel line, wire harness, or fittings etc.
  • FASS pumps are gerotor pumps and any FASS fuel pump with a seized gerotor due to lack of filtration will not be covered under warranty and will be the customer’s responsibility to pay for any repair or replacement of parts. Customer should use approved filters.
  • FASS does not cover improper installation or improper application of a FASS product.
  • Fatty acid build-up on the gear of the FASS pump due to improper WASHING and FILTRA-TION of veggie fuel will cause motor to over amp and prematurely wear out and is not covered under FASS warranty.